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  • Statement on comments by Deputy Prime Minister

    VAFI welcomes measures that support the Heyfield mill and the future of its employees, and remains committed to solutions that deliver long-term security and certainty for the forest, fibre and wood products industry. The industry take the conservation of threatened species, including the Leadbeater’s Possum very seriously. Industry has been

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  • Statement on Australian Sustainable Hardwoods

    I am disappointed that a solution could not be reached between ASH and the government that would secure the mill’s long term timber supply, and therefore, the long-term future of the mill. We will continue to strongly support ASH, their workers, and their future in Heyfield. Whilst I note the

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  • Risk of job losses outweighs park push

    Sixty three percent of Victorians don’t believe that the proposed Great Forest National Park (GFNP) will generate enough jobs to cover those lost in the forest, fibre, and wood products industry if the park were to be established, according to polling undertaken by JWS Research on behalf of the Victorian

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