In this industry we are no stranger to being in the media, whether it be local, regional, mainstream, online or social.

The coverage we receive varies at best, and is not always positive. There are those who fundamentally disagree with what we do, and they are very vocal about it. In some sections of the media, it is this voice that is dominant and rises above all others. Try as we may, sometimes our voice doesn’t get through in certain media.

I am encouraged this week to see other views are making their way into the conversation and helping to change the narrative. Changing it to what we all know to be true; how vital and valuable our industry is.

From comments from the outgoing Threatened Species Commissioner on Leadbeater’s Possum, through to claims about ‘eco-tourism’ in the Weekly Times and Herald Sun, the conversation tide is turning and we are seeing counter arguments and evidence being aired (these stories are covered in the body of this newsletter).

This is what we need, and let’s ensure it continues. Our voice will be heard if more people are out there talking about the benefits of the industry, the impact of a reducing resource supply, the number and importance of the jobs we create, and how timber is renewable, recyclable and helps in the fight against climate change. Let’s talk about how we contribute some $7 billion in sales and service income to the Victorian economy.

Let’s share these through all avenues available to us, and through different spokespeople. The facts will speak for themselves, we just need to get them out there and give them a voice.

Two notes to finish off this week: Firstly, this CEO is still riding high following Richmond’s triumphant victory in the AFL. It had to happen eventually!

Secondly, we are just over a month away from the VAFI Annual Industry Dinner and tickets are on sale now. The night will be a great celebration of our industry and we would love to have you there. To purchase tickets visit the VAFI website or email the VAFI office.

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