Next week is the 2015 launch of the Forest and Wood Products Support Group at State Parliament in Victoria.

The Forest and Wood Products Support Group is an initiative to build relationships and understanding between members of the Victorian Parliament and the forest and wood products industry.

Following the election in November last year, VAFI stated that we will work collaboratively with our members, industry stakeholders, the community and the government to achieve our vision of an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for our industry. This group is a step in the right direction, and forms an important part of the relationship with government.

The support group has been in formation for the past couple of years, and we at VAFI plan to work hard to ensure that 2015 is the best year yet.

We all know our industry in Victoria is a dynamic sector of the economy that uses wood – a renewable, biodegradable, recyclable product – to create materials for new homes, buildings and furniture, paper and fuel for green energy.

The Forest and Wood Products Support Group provides a platform for members of the Victorian State Parliament to work with industry and learn more about the importance of forest and wood products businesses to their electorates, and the Victorian economy.

The group is a bipartisan effort to encourage better communication between business and MPs. It is important we show our government what we offer to this state, and the vital role we play in the community and the economy.

We have an industry to be proud of, with a strong history. Let’s work together to maintain the dynamic industry we have and ensure a sustainable future.