For two and a half years now, The News Mill has been updating the forest and wood products industry each fortnight with the latest news and events. We believe that the time has come to ask the dreaded question: how are we doing?

As the online environment changes, we need to change the way we communicate to you. Research shows that 77% of users prefer communications through email, but we often find our inboxes clogged up with email after email. None of us need another pointless email that we will either leave sitting in our inbox, or delete. We want this newsletter to be something of worth and use.

Do you open The News Mill on your phone? On your desktop? It is easy to read? Over the course of 2015, mobile opens increased 17% to represent 55% of opens, with both webmail and desktops opens decreasing 13% and 17% respectively. We are becoming a more flexible workforce and how we deliver our services to you needs to reflect this.

In the mix of industry emails, what would you like to see VAFI report on in The News Mill? What news do you want to know? More videos? More pictures? Statistics? Interesting facts? Let us know! I want to hear from you and I welcome all ideas – just contact the VAFI office at

We also want to continue to grow our audience, so I encourage you to forward this email to your colleagues and stakeholders and encourage them to subscribe.

Image credit: Roland O’Daniel via Flickr Creative Commons

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