Policy and key focus

The key policy areas for VAFI are:

Resource Security

  • No new national parks or extension to the existing reserve system from current productive forests.
  • No reduction in existing resource levels.
  • Support both the native forest and plantation sectors as they complement each other in their mix of products for consumers – it is not a simple choice of one replacing the other.
  • Ensure long term security for the forest and wood products industry through existing supply and future access to resource.
  • Investigate the potential for private estate forestry, including long run hardwood plantation development.

Investment and Innovation

  • Focus on opportunities to maximise current available supply by increasing value-adding opportunities and diversifying throughout the supply chain.
  • Improve uptake of productivity enhancing measures, including new technologies, workforce skills and capabilities, industry collaboration, and market support.
  • Support development of multi-level timber buildings, both framed and from and engineered wood products.

Government Purchasing Policies

  • Support purchasing of local products, including wood encouragement program across all levels of government

Industry Equity

  • Native forestry and plantations recognised as an ‘as of right’ crop in line with other agricultural activities.

Market Access and Development

  • Improve market access for Victorian forest and wood products businesses via trade support to ensure the local industry remains competitive in the global market
  • Investigate the potential to take to market products derived from changing resource supply.

Our industry has a great future. VAFI will continue to advocate for bipartisan support to make that future happen – for the good of Victoria’s economy, community and ongoing sustainability.