This week VAFI urged the Victorian Government to remember the important part the forest and wood products industry plays in Australian manufacturing, and the wider economy.

Over the coming days more than 200 senior buyers, investors and influencers from around the world will be in Victoria as part of a ‘multi-sector inbound super trade mission’.

This is a chance for local companies to showcase goods, services and technology across a range of sectors.

The forest and wood products industry should be part of this.

Victoria is Australia’s largest exporter of forest and wood products, with total exports from the industry approaching $900 million this year.

The forest and wood products industry in Victoria is a dynamic sector of the economy that uses wood – a renewable, biodegradable, recyclable product – to create materials for new homes, buildings and furniture, paper and fuel for green energy.

In total, the industry generated $6.58 billion for Victoria in 2012-13 in sales and service income.

In addition, the industry directly employs more than 21,000 workers and indirectly supports another 40,000 to 50,000 jobs. Through the employment and economic activity it generates, the forest and wood products industry helps create sustainable futures for suburban, rural and regional communities across Victoria.

With unemployment at its highest point in 12 years, now is the time to support Australian manufacturing to ensure the long term viability and success of local industries.

The Victorian forest and wood products industry produces a wide range of product types from quality appearance and structural grade timbers through to woodchips and all paper types that is ready to be showcased to the world.

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