The latest national survey of Australia’s building and construction industry shows that more jobs are set to be created by a looming housing boom.

According to Master Builders Australia, job opportunities for tradespeople and subcontractors will lift in 2015, and with Housing Industry Association reporting the on-going strength of the new home building sector, this is good news for Victorians.

The forest and wood products industry plays a crucial role in building and construction, with timber frame construction gaining ground in Victoria.

Lend Lease’s Forte building, Australia’s first timber apartment building and also the world’s tallest, and the Library at the Docks, Australia’s first public Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) building, are both prime examples that show the local building industry utilising timber to its full potential.

One of the advantages of timber is its environmental credentials; it is renewable, biodegradable, and is less energy intensive than other manufactured alternatives. In many instances, timber is also a far more cost effective material for building.

We know that timber is the material of the 21st century, and this looming housing boom is an excellent opportunity to showcase our locally sourced timber. It will also ensure a bright future for the 21,000 people directly, and up to a further 50,000 indirectly, employed in the industry.

We are a dynamic industry with a high quality resource ready for Victorians to enjoy. We look forward to working with the building and construction industry to ensure our local products continue to be specified and showcased.

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