Education and Career Information


The website of forest and wood products industry training provider, Forestworks. Here you will find up-to-date training package information, a network of industry training providers and opportunities for learning and skill development.

Timber Training Creswick

Victoria's pre-eminent centre for the provision of comprehensive vocational training for the forest products industry. Timber Training Creswick is a unique facility in Australia, boasting a modern, commercial scale sawmill; timber drying facilities and planing mill dedicated to training purposes

University of Melbourne School of Land and Environment

Find out about the research and educational opportunities offered at the University of Melbourne's School of Land and Environment.

University of Melbourne Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science

Information about forestry related careers and courses at the University of Melbourne's Department of Forest and Ecosystem Science (Creswick and Parkville campuses).


Industry Information

Agroforestry News

Information the Master TreeGrower Program, practical information on agroforestry management and a range of research and conference papers, videos and more.

Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)

A research bureau within the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, ABARES provides independent research, analysis and advice to inform decision-makers on current and future policy challenges affecting Australia's primary industries.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

The Federal Government Department responsible for some of Australia's key primary industries, including the forest and wood products industry, agriculture and fisheries.

Australian Forest Products Association

The website of the peak body of the Australian forest and wood products industries, the Australian Forest Products Association.

Forest and Wood Products Australia

Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) directs investment into research and development projects vital to the future of local forest and wood product-based industries. This includes supporting the development and promotion of sustainable practices.

Forest Industries (WA)

A Western Australian website with abundant information on the forest and wood products industries, as well as the benefits to using products made from naturally grown timber.

Forest Stewardship Council Australia

The Australian website of third-party forest management certification scheme, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Natural Resources Conservation League

Environmental education resources for school-aged students. Website currently under construction.

NSW Forest Products Association

The peak body for the NSW hardwood timber industry, the NSW Forest Products Association (NSWFPA) also works on broader industry issues.

Scientists for Sustainability

A website promoting the science of sustainably managing Australia's native forests.

Tasmanian Forestry

Responsible for the management of 1.5 million hectares of State forest, Forestry Tasmania manages sustainable timber production, and the operation of a network of formal and informal reserves on State forest protects values such as flora, fauna, soil, water and cultural heritage.

URS Asia Pacific

One of the largest and longest established forest sector consultancies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, the URS Forestry group provides professional services for all components of the forest and wood products industry.


VicForests is the organisation responsible for timber production in Victoria's public native forests. It is an autonomous commercial entity governed by an independent Board of Directors, and accountable to the Victorian Government.


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Victorian State Government

Department of Primary Industries

The Department of Primary Industries is responsible to the Minister for Agriculture, and manages earth resources, Energy, fisheries, forestry, hunting, pets and agriculture in Victoria.

Department of Sustainability and Environment

DSE leads the Victorian Government's efforts to sustainably manage water resources and catchments, climate change, bushfires, parks and other public land, forests, biodiversity and ecosystem conservation.

Sustainability Victoria

An agency of the Victorian Government, Sustainability Victoria's goal is to integrate sustainability into all aspects of Victorian life.


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Sustainability Information

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Information from the UN IPCC providing current scientific information on climate change.

Timber Sustainability

A website run by Forest and Wood Products Australia. FWPA is a public company that provides a national, integrated research and development focus for the Australian forest and wood products industry.

Wood Naturally Better

A website from the Forest and Wood Products Association on the benefits of using wood products.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

WBCSD is a global association of approximately 200 companies dealing exclusively with business and sustainable development. It provides a platform for businesses to explore sustainable development, share knowledge, experiences and best practices; and to advocate business positions on these issues in a variety of forums.


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Timber Industry Affiliates


Breitinger Consulting Testing Services

Timely and cost competitive structural timber testing and project management

gT Energy Technologies

Designs and manufacturers heat engines for the conversion of low-medium grade heat into electrical power using well proven thermodynamic cycles.

Kristian King Furniture

Kristian King Furniture specialises in designing and creating distinctive dining, bedroom and occasional furniture; wall and entertainment units; home and office furniture and restorations for corporate or domestic purposes.

Paperlinx - Australian manufacturer of paper

One of the world's leading merchants of paper, communication materials and diversified products and services.

Yeramba Furniture

Yeramba Furniture offers a promise of original-handcrafted furniture. Yeramba make furniture to order, rather than selling off the shelf pieces.

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